Penned Appreciation and Apology

From a skeptic fan.

From a skeptic fan.

I doubt you’ll read this, Starlee Kine, and that’s okay. You’re probably busy with quasi-fame, as well as most likely trying to figure out the Voynich Manuscript on an incredibly shoestring budget.

As the months have gone by, I’ve been met with a roller-coaster of emotions, feverishly awaiting season 2. I remember, sometime wayward last year, there was a brief update that said it was coming, that got my hopes up.

But it never came.

As time passed, I confess that I had became doubtful of your passion for detective work. Maybe she found a better job somewhere else, one that didn’t require her to risk life and limb trying to uncover the truths that are so uncomfortably hidden away, I thought to myself.

Then this update finally came, and it made me teary-eyed. I’m sorry for ever doubting you and your love of sleuthing.

In fact, a part of me believes that this is no ordinary confessional message. Maybe you did run into something that was too large for Gimlet to release? Maybe there has been a case you’ve spent the last half year on. Maybe a far larger game is going on here — a double bluff. That’s exactly how they’d play it off.

Blink twice for yes.