Hey there! My name is Brennan. I'm a 24-year-old Métis web developer and blogger from Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently reside in Calgary, Alberta. My main focuses in writing include self-development, community, and experiences with programming.

I just finished a Full Stack Developer Program at EvolveU, and I'm looking for open-source projects to contribute to and people to collaborate with! I love creating and tinkering with small, static experiments using frameworks like Jekyll or Gatsby. I'm a big proponent of putting an emphasis on accessibility and the A11y project in web development.

I'm always looking to work with people that are hopeless idealists like me, as well as who are interested in creating and working on cool, interesting, and meaningful projects! Shoot me an e-mail if that sounds like your cup of tea.

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Brennan also enjoys a variety of creative side-projects, having composed various soundtracks and neo-classical music under the pseudonym Augustin, and has a photography portfolio that can be seen at Project Qvl.

He is also working on a self-published book of poetry with excerpts that can be found at Warsaw Mountain. He also maintains a dream-like blog dedicated to vaporwave and album art called Pale Site.